Biomechanics in the service of ergonomics.

The transfer of technologies to the industrial world !

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Created in 2000, Cogitobio is a company whose aim is to facilitate the transfer of technologies stemming from fundamental research on the musculoskeletal system to the industrial world.

Our innovative approach allows us to apprehend and solve ergonomics problems in the design of products and in work posts. Cogitobio benefits from the Research Tax Credit certification (Crédit Impôt Recherche). Therefore, research and development operations that are entrusted to us can qualify for tax credits.

Our specificity: Biomechanics in the service of ergonomics

Our understanding of kinematics and articular mechanisms allows us to participate in the innovation, the creation or the optimization of products and tools in the field of man/machine and man/equipment interface. Our biomechanical model is developed in partnership with a clinical research institution, OSTEOBIO and a fundamental research institution, MECABIO. It permits us to understand how joints function or become dysfunctional thanks to the interaction between biology and mechanics via articular kinematics.