Musculoskeletal disorders are becoming a huge public health issue in all the industrialized countries. Because the paradigm of medicine, centered around the idea that biology is always the cause, is not capable of identifying them clearly, the number of registered cases increase by 20% each year.
Eventually, this occupational disease can become very disabling for operators and significantly act upon their productivity and the atmosphere at work. So, the social and economic cost of MSD proves extremely heavy to bear for companies.

MSD are one of the main domains of Cogitobio which offers treatment solutions before the disease even appears through a particularly innovative and efficient approach based on biomechanical and anthropometrical data. Indeed, our specific methodology allows us:

  • To objectivize the effect of various work tasks on the appearance and the expression of Musculoskeletal disorders
  • To carry out a study of the work post (postural and/or kinematics analysis) that takes into account the characteristics of the machine, of the task set and above all of the operator, in order to optimize the Man/Machine Interface.

The Cogitobio team is thus able to define which posts or tasks are the most problematic and to determine the criteria, whether man-dependent or machine-dependent, which contribute to the appearance of MSD.
This phase of audit can be followed by a phase of adjustment during which a solution is proposed through:

  • Either a training of operators so that they adopt gestures or postures that are less deleterious
  • Or the drawing up of requirements optimizing the functionalities of the machine as regards the user and his health.