Research Training Course

Our model, our methodology and our tools allow us to meet with the needs of companies in the field of applied research. Our research work helped us developing:
  • a database adapted to ergonomics and comfort
  • analysis tools for kinematics and postures
  • analysis tools for mechanical actions at the man/object interface
  • validated methodologies of comfort analysis
  • help software tools for specialization and validation
  • digital modelling.

Cogitobio and their partners companies benefited from the PREDIT‘s financing (Ministry of Research and Transport) for their work on the quantization of comfort parameters. Cogitobio benefited from the Biocritt‘s financing for their modelling work.

COGITOBIO is an accredited training institution. We provide companies with our knowledge through personalized training:
  • Raising awareness of work-related lomotor apparatus and postural disorder
  • Biomechanics applied to product design
  • Research tools and methods

Cogitobio’s consultants participate in the setting up of an ergonomics engineer training program in collaboration with the ISAT (Superior Institute of Automobile and Transport – University of Burgundy).Introductory training program in ergonomics.